What Collectivists Want

What the collectivists (Leftists, Progressives, whatever they call themselves at the moment) want is not health care reform.  Nor is it to fulfill the wishes of the American people.

What they want is control.  Health care reform (or health care insurance reform) is merely one vehicle they see as likely to get them more control.

Control of others is important to them because they feel incapable of dealing with the world on their own.


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2 thoughts on “What Collectivists Want”

  1. It’s true, their main impetus is their unending desire to control other people. This is obvious looking back through their actions in history, and I sometimes find it true even when interacting with a leftist in person.

    But your final sentence deserves more elaboration. Are collectivists personally unable to deal with the world? Why? And do you think they see themselves as inferior in their subconscious self-evaluation? Although I can think of many reasons, why do you think that is the case? And why does control of others make them feel better? Is it because they can use the talents of others where their own is lacking? Or is it because they can combat their feelings of inadequacy by becoming the “Master”?

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  2. Hi Greg,
    Short answer: A tale of two leftists:

    1. This man, in the midst of a heated discussion over freedom vs. regulation, with a red face and flying spittle, told me, “freedom is fine, it’s great, but it has to be controlled!

    2. I was doing some “Socratic” questioning of an acquaintance, a leftist I know well. The subject was something like, “why be moral?” When it came right down to it, he admitted that what keeps him (and by extension, anyone) moral is only the fear of getting caught.

    Self-esteem — a psychological necessity — consists of both a sense of worthiness and a sense of efficacy.

    Both these gents consider themselves (and others) incapable of responsible living if left to their own devices. They can gain a pseudo-efficacy to the extent that they can control others, especially others who show confidence in dealing with the requirements of living.

    They are sort of like the unsure little kid who feels the adults know everything and have to be manipulated by whatever means to take care of him. If he’san adult, this includes force. Do you suppose those most lacking in self-esteem tend to be the worst control-seekers; the politicians?

    If you are powerless before nature, you feel you must gain power over the capable people in order to survive.

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