Email To My Congressman

I sent the following to Walt Minnick, a “blue dog” Democrat who represents my district:

I cannot state more strongly than I already have how THOROUGHLY I am opposed to any form of government health care. ┬áThe latest travesty is Ms. Pelosi’s 1900-page health care bill.

My political thoughts:

1) ObamaCare is a political loser.

Recent polls consistently show that a majority of Americans are opposed to the Congress’ health care “reform plan:

2) Free market health care reforms would be a political winner.

A CNN poll from earlier in 2009 shows that 8 out of 10 Americans are generally happy with their health care but are (legitimately) concerned about the rising costs:

If we adopted some of the free market reforms, as in the John Mackey WSJ OpEd from this fall, it would lower costs, while respecting individual rights and preserving health care quality:

Hence, free market reforms would be a political winner.


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