Letter To My Senator

Dear Senator Risch:

You responded with a form letter to my expressed concern about health care.  Thank you for replying.

My hope is that you understand that we protestors want the government out of the health care arena.

I want to implore you not to accept any compromises with the reform advocates, such as simply dropping the “public option” but keeping the rest, as recently floated by the President.  The only way Congress can now help the health care system to improve is to begin to deregulate health care, with the eventual goal of getting out of it entirely.

We are not asking Congress to “advance health care reform with caution and concern related to cost, choice, quality and access,” as your form letter states.  We are asking — demanding — that the government be restrained from any involvement in health care.

I am glad you do not approve of the creation of a new government-run “public” health care system.  I am glad for your focus on freeing consumers and health care providers from government interference.  Since the current problems with health care can be traced to previous government interference, it would make no sense to mandate further intrusion into such an important area of our lives.


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