Dr. Geeta Shroff

Imagine having a paralyzing spinal cord injury. Imagine being unable to move your arms or legs, or even to breathe on your own. Then imagine that a physician has developed a treatment using injected embryonic stem cells which can actually improve your condition, allow you to, say, breathe again without mechanical aid. Or begin to regain some use of your limbs, and find yourself on the road to recovery.

Such treatment now appears to be on the horizon for sufferers of heretofore incurable conditions such as SCI, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease.

Every now and then, I run into a new candidate for the title, “a hero of mine.” It’s too early to tell, but I may have found another.

A medical researcher in New Delhi, India, Dr. Geeta Shroff, is reportedly doing wondrous things with embryonic stem cells. She has been called a “maverick,” already an attractive description in an age of regulated conformity. The reason for the appellation: her fierce determination to do her work under her own terms and in her own way.

This means that Dr. Shroff did her research without any government financial assistance. As with the early Bill Gates, she at first worked out of her garage, where she set up her own small lab.

She first became famous in the early 90’s for developing a technique for determining the sex of a fetus in the womb, without taking a scan. After regulators curtailed that practice, she worked at treating couples for infertility problems.

She began her controversial work on stem cells in the late 90’s. At present, she has two hospitals in New Delhi, where she treats people who have terminal conditions or incurable diseases. Her patients have mostly been countrymen, but lately she has been approached by many international patients from Britain, Australia, America, and other countries which tightly control the use of embryonic stem cells.

Dr. Shroff gets criticism from the conventional medical establishment because she doesn’t publish on her research and technique. Instead of publishing, she has applied for a patent in order to stop competitors from copying and profiting from her work.

Dr. Shroff is to be commended for steadfastly being her own person in an era when such independence is frowned upon. She will have huge forces aligned against her: the medical profession’s disapproval and consequent ostracism, condemnation by religious “pro life” groups, castigation by self-styled “ethicists”, censure for insisting on making her own use of her discoveries rather than giving them away — the list goes on.

It’s too early for me to tell whether this remarkable woman and her breakthrough methods are for real, or a flash in the pan, but I have to say, I like her style.

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25 thoughts on “Dr. Geeta Shroff”

  1. Congratulation Dr. Shroff.

    Your very good work is appreciated by the entire world.
    Finally a cure for spinal cord injury is here to stay and save hundred of thousands suffering people.
    Many incompetents or devils driven by their own interests will try to stop or blame your work.
    Please continue to do what you are doing the best.

    Cornell Furtuna

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  2. I am a patient of Dr. Shroff’s. I live in the U.S. and went to India in hopes her treatment could help improve my body after suffering from an incurable chronic illness for many years. I returned home after two months of treatment, a completely new and healthy person. I was able to get off all of my pain, tremor, heart and sleeping medications, regain my balance (which was poor due to brain lesions), and the list goes on. Dr. Shroff is an amazing woman and I was only one of the miracles at that clinic. I’m going back in July for a booster series and I’m convinced I will now be completely well for the rest of my life (I’m 28 years old). One day, I hope this treatment will be available for everyone, in every country.

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  3. Hi Amy,

    WordPress just now notified me of your reply to my post on Dr. Geeta Shroff. I don’t know why it sometimes takes so long.

    I’m happy to learn of your experience with Dr. Shroff. Were it not for the seeming insanity of our intellectual and political leaders, this medical technology might well have transformed the world by now. Good for you, that you could take advantage of of it before it was too late for you!

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  4. I am a C5/C6 quad and very interested in stem cell therapy.
    I live in Perth and would like contact with people that have had treatment and how they improved from it. I will be more than happy to hear from anyone willing to chat.
    Hope to hear from someone soon.

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  5. Hello everyone,

    I am a new injury July 4th 2007, I am a T11-12, and I have received umbilicalcord blood (stemcells) and I have seen someimprovement leg can move slightly.I am heading to Dr.Geeta Shroff in January.Geoffrey or anyone who would like some info you can reach me at amartayan@hotmail.com I speak to a lot of people who are walking now including Ricci Kilgore and Sonya Smith and many others.

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  6. I hope for only the best for those with these sorts of afflictions – BUT

    Embryonic Stem cell research kills human embryos and as such, the technology cannot be excused simply because a good (a very good!) may result.

    Ethically ESC technology should be unacceptable to civilised society, one where in which it is only humans who develop and have that altruistic sense. Rightly, our heroes are immediately recognised as heroes because they sacrifice themselves for others – they don’t kill others for their own betterment.

    The ends never justify the means; this also is a hallmark of civilised society and separates us from the killing cultures, Pol Pot Hitler Mugabe and yes – the modern materialistic and narcissistic West which gives us paid-for abortion because too many don’t want to accept accountability for what they’ve done!

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  7. First off, I am very angry with your lumping advocates of abortion rights with “…the killing cultures, Pol Pot Hitler Mugabe….” I nearly decided not to allow your comment into the blog.

    You start with a premise that to destroy a human embryo is ethically wrong, but give no reason for holding such a premise.

    It’s not as though an embryo is a person, with individual rights. It may have the potential to become such, but at the zygote or embryonic stage it is only a part of the woman who carries it. For her to destroy it for any reason is not ethically wrong. It is up to her to do what she thinks best for herself. The right to abortion is a woman’s right to say what happens to her own body.

    I find your upholding of sacrifice as heroism because “they don’t kill others for their own betterment” disgusting. Sacrifice — the surrender of a value for a lesser value or a non-value — is never heroic. It is simply selfless and so unworthy of a rational human being.

    No telling where your notion of an “altruistic sense” came from — or, maybe there is. Although you say nothing of it explicitly, you are probably one of those religious people who believe that altruism, by which you mean, “sacrifice”, is mandated by your God.

    That would also explain your opening premise, wouldn’t it? Some Christians believe that God breathes a soul into a newly conceived cell, even before cell division starts. Right? Your comment is another of those faith-based denunciations of anything that defies your dogma.

    Good grief. Why am I wasting time on you?

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  8. Seems that Paul Groves has jumped to a conclusion about Dr. Schroffs’ methods involving embryonic stem cells without doing his due diligence. Look more closely at her website and you would discover that her methods are well thought out and completely moral. She worked with invitro fertilization methods prior to utilizing embryonic stem cells to help those of mankind who are most suffering. She utilizes the embryonic stem cells of eggs that would be discarded anyway. God created it all…including utilizing unused embyonic stem cells to assist people to a better quality of life.

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  9. Can’t believe people like Paul Groves still live in a civilized world of intelligent people. Sperms have life too. They move upstream to fertilize an egg wagging their tail. How can a sperm move its tail if it didn’t have life? The real question is not about killing babies or killing life. The real line is who defines what is life and what is morality. Probably Paul Groves supports killing 50,000 Iraqi civilians for oil as civilized behavior. LMAO! BTW, I have killed millions of sperms, hence have killed millions of life form, hence am going to hell. Hope I do not find people like Paul Groves in hell.

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  10. Hi ken :
    My wife is petient of infarct dimentia/MS/parkinson and for last 5 years she is detorating day by day now on bed. No control on limbs , bladder/bowal. I want to visit Dr Geeta shroof but no one say how much she charge for this treatment.We live in remote state faraway from delhi without knowing cost factor how I can proceed there. Pl let me know aproximate charges for stem cell treatment by Dr Geeta shroff.

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  11. Hi o.p. Mishra,

    You and your wife are having an awful struggle. I feel bad for you.

    I have no information whatsoever beyond what I said in my post, about Dr. Shroff. I can only suggest you get in touch directly with her clinic to learn the costs involved.

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  12. I would love to reach Amy if possible to see how she is doing a year later and to talk-email with he the process etc. We have been referred to this doctor for MS/lyme disease issues. Thanks

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  13. Any feedback on Dr Shroff regenerating nerves on folks who have had disabling chemical trauma on their optical and auditory nerves? Someone had lymphoma of the CNS, was given chemo directly into his brain, and this has left him deaf, blind in one eye and legally blind in the other. Thanks.

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  14. Paul, I am a practicing Chiropractor in Vancouver who, up until a month ago, was oblivious to such treatment modalities. A current patient of mine suffers from symptoms related to cauda equina syndrome. A surgical procedure certainly gave some relief in terms of pain and symptoms but periodically exacerbations will occur. He came to me for spinal decompression treatment, which in fact, is great for disc issues but obviously not for his condition. Is there any recent research into the effectiveness of stem cell treatment for cauda equina syndrome. By the way, my patient has been in contact with Dr. Shroff but has not made his decision yet. Any information that would help him make a decision to partake or not would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and effort. Dr. Ranjit.

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