Israel vs. Hezbollah Redux

Only two weeks ago, I was praising the Israeli Prime Minister for refusing a cease-fire before their mission was accomplished. Now, I think he is condemnable for accepting that very cease-fire.

Top of my wish list: that the politicians, whether Israeli or American, would get out of the way and let the military eliminate terrorists and the states that support them. A forlorn wish, no doubt.


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3 thoughts on “Israel vs. Hezbollah Redux”

  1. I agree with you one hundred percent. The United States, every time, insists that Israel “restrain” itself, hold back, for altruistic or “diplomatic” reasons. Israel doesn’t want to lose the United States as an ally, plus it isn’t consistent within its own policies due to a lack of moral certainty, and due to an altruistic strain of its own, so it obeys the U.S. and the cycle continues.

    The United States itself “held back” in the first Iraq war, when it quit before the job was finished, making the current Iraq war necessary, or more likely.

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  2. All your points are good ones, Greg. From a philosophical viewpoint, the enemy *is* altruism. Bush is the poster boy for altruism, dropping bombs and food on Afghanistan at the same time.

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  3. Moral Courage, That’s the missing ingredent.
    Israel will have to deal with the hesbola without permission. The world doesn’t have the moral high ground to stop them.

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