Running, Swallows, & A Day of Changes

A lovely day — until 4:15 pm. I got in my first run of the year. Too much cold, snow and rain to do much any earlier. I have contented myself with “running” on the rebounder. It’s very different to get out and actually run, well, walk/run for two miles in about the same amount of time. But, it’s hardly the Boston Marathon, which also happened today. I’ll probably have sore ankles, calves and whatnot tomorrow.

Today the swallows returned! They come every year, of course. We have the violet-green variety. They seem to have a good time, wheeling through the sunshine and chattering to each other. They will nest in a couple of our bird houses.

Starlings are here now, too, but they aren’t nearly as much fun. The bluebirds cased the yard out a couple of months ago, as is their wont. They’ll probably move in shortly.

So, at 4:15 pm, we got a storm. Wind, rain, hail that covered the ground. The weather lady tells me to watch out for a hard freeze tonight, but that isn’t really so different from last night, when our thermometer registered 24 degrees Fahrenheit. Today we have gone from glorious warm sunshine to chilly, windy storm. It must be spring….

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