It was not long ago that, if someone had asked which of the declared candidates I wanted for President, I would have said, “ABH”. Anybody But Hillary.

Lately, though, all the tiresome hype coming out of my TV has broken through my political ennui. At any rate, it has broken through to the extent that I’ve become aware of the “qualifications” of Mike Huckabee.

This politician, with his strong evangelical credentials, is worse even than Hillary Clinton. Worse in the sense of, dangerous to our country.

Should it eventually come to a choice between the two of them, I would have to close my eyes, hold my nose, and vote for Hillary.

The only — very minor — positive here, is that I can still make the same answer to the hypothetical question I opened with.

Only now, “ABH” means “Anybody But Huckabee.”

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