Vicissitudes of the Heart

No postings to Ad Hoc in a long time. It’s probably time for an explanatiion.

Back before Thanksgiving, while I was out for my customary walk/run, …I fainted. One moment I was walking along, listening to Tara Smith on my iPod; the next moment I was on my back looking up at the trees and clouds.

I was only out for a maximum of two seconds. I know this, because I later determined that I had only missed a couple of words of the lecture.

Although my heart has always been declared strong and healthy at physical exam time, a closer look with high powered (and expensive) equipment showed some blockage in a coronary artery and a tendency for my heart’s timeing to be off when it gets above a certain rate.

The upshot is, I’ve had a stent installed and then a pacemaker implanted. I’m still dealing with the latter, and the former requires taking blood thinning drugs which complicates healing.

So, boys and girls, now you know why you’ve had to wait — breathlessly, I’m sure — for Ad Hoc to return.

Merry Saturnalia!


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