Religion & Objectivism

Somebody calling himself “The Forum God” here says:

“I have always enjoyed Ayn Rand’s philosophy and have madea (sic) sort of hobby when there’s nothing else to do to try to mix Objectivism into a philosophy that would still allow me to keep being a proud Lutheran.”

Now, I know practically nothing about Lutheranism, except that it is counted as a (the?) Protestant religion. I do know something of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Enough to know that Objectivism won’t “mix into” any religion. It’s the polar opposite of religion.

Why, you ask? So I’ll tell you.

The cardinal tenet of Objectivism is rationality. Objectivism says, in effect, “Look at reality, at the evidence, and then use reason to draw your conclusions on that basis and only that basis.”

Way over at the other pole, religion’s chief tenet is faith. Religion says, “Believe, whether there is any evidence or not. Truth is what God says it is. (That is, what Lutheranism, or Catholicism, or Islam, Judaism, etc., etc., says God says it is.”)

The Forum God wants to mix rationality — ” relying only on evidence and reason to reach truth” — with proudly proclaiming his faith that Lutheranism is true. The contradiction is insurmountable.

He wants to make a change in himself without changing. He wants to mix something he sees as good, Objectivism, with something else that feels good to him, his habitual Lutheranism. Apparently, he doesn’t see, or else doesn’t care about, the contradiction.


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