Google’s Appeasement of China’s Dictatorship

The other day, Michael Swanson wrote on HBL about Google’s capitulation to China, “…it seems to be alright with them to stop
showing pages about freedom, human rights, Tibet, and several other topics, and rather redirect people to the Party controlled
government pages on these topics.” I sent the following to Google (I doubt that I will get any reply):

Your recent policy of kowtowing to the government of China’s suppression of information for its people is shameful and disappointing. There is no need for Google, given its stupendous achievements, to abase itself by supporting a dictatorship’s efforts to keep its people in ignorance.


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Physician-Assisted Suicide

Yesterday the SCOTUS finally considered the Oregon state law which allows physician-assisted suicide. The good news is, they let the law stand. The bad news? Well, President Bush’s newly appointed Chief Justice Roberts voted with the minority.

Sandra Day O’Connor, whom Roberts was originally nominated to replace, voted with the minority to let the Oregon statute stand. My bet is that when Alito replaces O’Connor in the near future he will be the “swing voter” who will swing things to the religious-conservative side.

As a side note, I saw some time ago that Jack Kevorkian was denied parole. The religious right really showed him!

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